Pre Race:

Race Packet pick-up is requested to be done prior to race day. Please check the PACKET PICK-UP button for location and time. If this is absolutely not possible, we do allow packet pickup at the race during the registration time. We request early packet pick-up to ensure everything on your registration is correct and up to date. Race day does not allow us to ensure all this information is corrected in a timely fashion.

You must know the course, don’t rely on volunteers or police to tell you where to go, unless there is an emergency.

Be prepared for any type of weather. The event will take place rain or shine.

Race Day:

We accept check or cash only. Please check the main race page for start time and location. Race numbers are to be worn on the FRONT of your shirt, pins will be provided.

All athletes must obey instructions from police officers, course marshals, and other emergency personal. This is an open course on public roads, police patrols will be at major intersections to direct traffic and cones will be used to separate traffic from athletes, but you ARE NOT TO ASSUME you have the right of way.

No individual support vehicles or assistance by anyone is allowed. No dogs allowed on the course. Pacesetters are not allowed. Heart-rate monitors, GPS’s, and other informational technology is allowed.

First-aid is located at the finish line. If you need transportation to the finish line for a medical or equipment Disqualification, notify any course marshal or waterstop person and they will contact a race director. Any medical emergency should be directed to “911”.  Any race volunteer can assist in making this contact.

This is an open course so water or other hydration items will be available in the post race area.

You must know the start time for the race and ensure that you arrive in time. All race participants are expected to be at the start line 10 – 15 minutes prerace for any last minute updates and directions. Races will begin with READY – SET – and a SIREN will sound noting the start of the event.

The finish line is located directly under the finish line banner. Each mile is marked with a marker. All turns off the existing roadway are noted by at least one of the following: course marshal, Turn arrow on a traffic cone, road surface paint, or law enforcement.

Medical personnel have ultimate and final authority to remove a participant from the race, if, in their judgment, the participant is physically incapable of continuing the race without sustaining physical damage or loss of life.

Participants are allowed to wear headphones or any sound producing device during the race as long as the sound is off for the start, for law enforcement, course marshals, and finish line.

This event is open to all ages and is to celebrate great music and being active. We believe everyone, regardless of age, should be able to enjoy this event in a happy and healthy envoiroment. There is no tolerance for drugs at the event.